Annual Review 2017/18
Peter Mathieson

3D图谜字谜principal peter mathieson provides an introduction to this year's annual review.

Students model their capes outside the Usher Hall.

Examples of the University's key activities from August 2017 to July 2018.

Researchers survey Pine Island Glacier

3D图谜字谜a selection of the university's key news and events from august 2017 to july 2018.

Teaching Awards trophies 2018

the teachers making a positive impact on students' learning experiences.

Frieze of students graduating

3D图谜字谜those awarded honorary degrees from august 2017 to july 2018.

Aerial photograph of McEwall Hall and surrounding area.

3D图谜字谜appointments commenced between 1 august 2017 and 31 july 2018.

3D图谜字谜financial figures from 1 august 2017 to 31 july 2018.

the make-up of our student body, plus numbers of applicants and acceptances.

3D图谜字谜research grants and other sources of funding.

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